Personal Training

Semi Private Training

Work one-on-one with our world class training team right in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Our personal trainers will create and implement an effective fitness program centered around your specific needs. 

Training in the Body Unique semi-private program will give you all the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost. All programs are developed from your extensive movement evaluation and fully customized to you and your goals. 

Essentials Membership

Get motivated, ignite your metabolism and get insanely shredded in the Body Unique Essentials Program! This is taking metabolic conditioning to the next level. You will work hard and reap the unbelievable results! 

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Brooklyn personal training at its Best! 

With carefully crafted programs and dedicated personal trainers, you will have the tools and the encouragement you need to meet all of your fitness goals.  Whether you want to lose a couple of pounds, move more pain free, get ready for your next road race, keep up with the little ones or just want a high intensity workout, you came to the right place!  We are Brooklyn's best source for training programs and motivation for your whole family and would love to be a part of your transformation. Give us a call today to book your Free 60 minute Fitness Success Session to find out how we can help you hit your goals! 

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